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What's New?
We now offer more structured Levels classes to help you achieve your goals!

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Pole Classes
  • Level 1: In this level, you will be getting comfortable with the pole and learning basic moves while strengthening your upper body.
  • Level 2: Its time to perfect your beginner moves, learn combinations and start working on climbs and pole mounts.
  • Level 3: We will be working on getting comfortable upside down and more advanced spins
  • Advanced: You will be increasing your strength with inverts (going upside down) and learn transitions between inverted moves.
  • Spinning:  You will be learning how to pole dance on a rotating dance pole. This will show off all your pole dance moves as the pole rotates so/ you can see your move from all angles.

Floor Work and Flexibility
    In this class we will learn basic floor combinations that can help tie pole routines together.  We will also be learning different stretches to improve flexibility.